About Me

I am a full time mummy of two beautiful children, wife, writer, part time worker for my husband’s company and semi full time fitness enthusiast. I still like cake…hence the semi full time label! 

I have recently gone on a journey of self rediscovery and formed a love and passion for weight training which has transformed my body in ways I didnt think possible post pregnancy….even under my wobbly mum tum is a muscle that’s starting to feel firm! 

However the mental benefits of this new lifestyle by far outweigh the physical. I am stronger, healthier, more confident and happier. 

Like most mums, I am running around like a lunatic all day for the benefit of the children, making sure they make it to school/pre school, dont miss out on social events (honestly they party more than I do) and have relatively healthy food on their plates. Add that to trying to keep the husband alive and also fed and my hours in the office…..Time is a very precious thing in my life!! So when I can snatch an hour to myself I am often found in the gym where it is peaceful and stress free. 

I started The Gym Mummy to try and inspire other mums who want to add fitness into their crazy lives and also to be a hub of honesty about post pregnancy bodies and family life. 

I hope you enjoy!

X x x