Treat yourself to some Activity

Weary legs this morning 🦵

Due to LIFE getting in the way, I have missed a few classes lately and PT sessions which has left me really deflated, sluggish and battling with my “healthy eating brain” vs “sod it brain” 🤯

When I train well, I eat well….i struggle to do either of those without the other, so the demon of old habits has been looming over me lately and has been a struggle to keep on track 😬

However, after 1 session of PT…..all the enthusiasm, self confidence and belief comes flooding back…..the power of exercise is really amazing and creates a clearer more positive brain space. I dont feel as strong as I did 2 weeks ago, its not magic, but the adrenaline rushing through me and proudness of nailing that last plank step up really does wonders for my mental state, the physical can come later 🥰

So if your having a tough time, get yourself to an exercise class, swimming pool, country park, gym or bike ride and TREAT YOURSELF to some activity and i promise you….it will leave you with a smile on your face 😊

Thanks @carineasnannyfitdiaries for the support and hand holding…it wasnt easy today but I am still smiling…..despite earlier facial expressions 😫😓🤔

#activelife #ptsessions #keepactive #keepmentallyfit

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