School Admission Woes!

It seems like yesterday that our baby boy was born and the snuggles on the sofa are slowly becomming less and less as he grows in independence……..πŸ’™

So to have just submitted his PRIMARY SCHOOL APPLICATION makes me so emotional πŸ˜₯

Since having Jack, I have been fortunate enough to spend an exceptional amount of time with him….more than most working Mum’s due to working at a childminders where I took him with from 6 weeks old….moses basket and all πŸ‘Ά

I have never taken this for granted and often at times have desperately needed some distance from the whirlwind days of motherhood…..however, to suddenly have the realisation of my youngest child joining his big sister at school is daunting, heart wrenching, exciting and emotional all rolled into one SUBMIT button πŸ’»

The images of him in diddy school uniform, standing in the lunch queue, wandering around the playground and meeting people that are new keep running through my mind and my instant reaction is to want to hold him tight and never let go, how hard can home schooling be right……BUT, the benefit of having an older child massively makes this process a tad easier as I know how much he will learn, develop emotionally and just love soaking in the whole experience πŸ“

So for those Mum’s who have just made their school application, whether it be their 1st, 2nd or 5th, primary or secondary….I feel you 😘 Our children will be okay, they will roll with the punches and like the sponges that they are, they will just learn beyond their wildest dreams….US on the other hand need to hold on tight for this rollercoaster and provide that stable support frame that our little ones will seek so desperately 😍

Just pleeeassseeee, talk and share….other friends, parents and family members will understand how you feel right now and it’s okay to not be okay πŸ’“ Let someone help you through this journey πŸ’¬

#schooladmissions #startingschool #youngestchild #familylife #itsokaynottobeokay

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