It is a special, sweet, lovely and precious thing….being a Mum, but also lonely. There, I’ve said it 👄💬

So many mum’s find it hard to say to their loved ones and friend’s that they find being a parent lonely or tough at times. Surely these wonderful, precious human beings that we created can’t bring such negative feelings? 😫

We feel if we say it out loud that our children will suddenly feel less loved, that loved ones will think “she cant cope”, that friends will think your an awful mother, that your world will implode 🌍💥

But guess what….it doesnt! And you will feel so much better for it 😚

I do find being a Mum lonely at times and other mum’s will do as well, so why would we hide that feeling from the one group of people who would understand and relate to that feeling the most 🙄 The one group of people who you can offer advice to, share ideas and coping tips with, have a cuppa and laugh or cry with and who can say to you honestly “i know how you feel” 🤗

Mental Health is so important in every aspect of our lives….we wouldnt ignore a broken ankle, so why ignore a hurting mind/heart 🤦‍♀️

Think….what would you tell your child if they came up to you and said “Mummy, i feel lonely sometimes” 😪 I bet you would give them a hug and tell them that you will help them sort the problem out, find them a group of friends to look out for them and check in to make sure its going ok 👀

So do that for yourself….tell someone your feelings, welcome a hug and find a solution together…and they will be the ones checking in on you or visa versa if that friend needs you too 👭

So come on #letstalklonely 👄💬

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