Losing Weight vs Getting Healthy

So many ladies said to me last week “I am eating less and being active but I still haven’t lost any weight”….something I was guilty of myself not that long ago, so I totally understand where they are coming from and how they must feel.

Now, weighing ourselves on the scales does have a small roll to play in helping us to keep a rough guide of weight we have or haven’t lost, but it is literally only useful for that. We CANNOT judge our bodies by what the scales tell us alone.

We need to change our mindset on weight loss and getting fit and healthy. The two things are not the same and I will tell you why.

When you are focussing on purely losing weight using the scales as your only guide, you will constantly be on an emotional rollercoaster as the figures go down one day and up the next….or even hourly. This is not a healthy, sustainable way of living for anyone.

By trying to getting fit and healthy however, you are going to see far more benefits than just simply losing weight. You will feel more energised, sleep better, feel happier, feel more confident, lose centimetres…..the list is endless. But guess what…..your actual weight loss may be very slow and may be minimal.

Hence why last week, I told all of those ladies to buy a tape measure, take their measurements as well as photos and then do them again in 4 weeks…If they are then eating clean, healthy meals and being active, they should be feeling some if not all of the previously mentioned benefits……with weight loss being an added bonus. A much better way to do it I think.

Personally my weight loss (as per the scales) can fluctuate if I dont drink enough water, its time of the month or if I weigh on my scales upstairs or downstairs!! Yes, honestly!!! So I know I cannot rely solely on what they are telling me. I always take my measurements and to give you a good example how epic this can make you feel about yourself….I once lost 10 centimetres off my waist over 5 weeks (photo below) which was actually the most biggest and most visible result I have had to date….in those 5 weeks I lost 8lbs in case you were wondering, but lbs can come and go as I said before.

So rather than getting hooked on thinking “to look good, I need to lose weight” we need to be saying “I will focus on being healthy, not weighing less”.


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