Here comes 2019!

So as a New Year is about to begin, it is time to reflect on life from the previous 12 months and perhaps start to focus on how you will move forward throughout the next.

I say “move forward” as I don’t necessarily agree with the term “improve”. We should be focussing on what we have already achieved and how we continue on that path, whether it be a fitness goal, a new career, starting a family, moving house….the list is endless as we all have individual aims that are important to us.

Dont get me wrong…some of those end goals will include making some changes that enhance our own feelings about ourselves but by no means should that be the priority.

In 2018 I started on a journey that I never ever imagined would develop in to what it has become… has been the birth year of a brand new mindset and priorities for me and also for The Gym Mummy which has become my 3rd baby and I am overwhelmed by the support and following of some amazing, inspirational women. Yes my new fitness has become a personal highlight of this year, as well as improving my mental wellbeing, sleep, strength, confidence and rocking the outfits i never thought I would post 2 children….however nothing compares to reading and hearing how my journey has affected other mums lives and given them the courage to give it a go also. What they dont realise is that it is them that have helped me!!

So going in to 2019 my first aim is to regain focus of my fitness and strength as this has taken some what of a Christmas battering. I could have pushed myself to visit the gym over the holidays but enjoying family time and making memories took over and that’s fine as thanks to all the hard work running up to this, I know exactly what I need to do to get back on track and more importantly I want to….my body is not loving me at the moment!

Also on my 2019 wish list is to become more organised, build The Gym Mummy blog, no more rushing in the mornings, learn to cook some new amazing food and encourage the children to eat a better variety of “green food”……Wish me luck!

Anything else on top of this will be a surprise and an adventure and that’s just how it should be.

So now that just leaves me to say a massive thank you to all you amazing friends and followers and wish you all a very Happy New Year!!


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