My Wall…..

I have hit a slight wall these past few weeks and my food has been off track and missed a few gym sessions due to children’s illness or Christmas craziness🎄

I have really started to see the old ways creeping in….bloating, lack of energy and poor sleep. It has really shown just how amazing I did feel when on it 100% 💪

With Christmas coming up and all the amazing food we have on offer, lazy cosy evenings in and family time to be enjoyed… is so much harder to stay focused and motivated but is even MORE important that we do as if we can keep some sort of fitness up and not gorge on everything in sight, we will enjoy the treats more when we have them and give us the energy to cope with all the full on times over this time of year.

I reflect on things best in the gym and having missed a few lately, old shadows have crept in and anxiety levels have increased and my mind is more disorganised as trying to juggle so much.

This week starts a fresh count down for me till Christmas day and I am really going to try and balance my food again and work out hard and clear those grey areas away.

There is more exciting times ahead for The Gym Mummy in 2019 and I am sure for you all also….so lets end this year the way we want to go forward and be positive, strong, healthy, energetic and feel fabulous!!

Have a great week!! 💕

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