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Happy Weekend!!

I had planned to have a weekend off after all the excitement of the launch this week, however due to so many people asking me recently about what tips I have for staying on track with my food and fitness, I thought I would get a sneaky one in whilst the oldest child is at a sleepover and the youngest is shattered after a party and engrossed in Blaze and the Monster Machines…….the shiny black box has its uses.

I have found there are no hard and fast rules that suit everybody when trying to maintain clean eating as well as following a fitness regime, however along my journey I have picked up a few helpful lifestyle hacks that have massively made my life easier….here are my top 10!

  1. Stay Hydrated – I make sure I drink 3 to 4 litres of water every day. Not only is the undervalued H20 good for your body and skin, it is also helps prevent those hunger pangs from popping their nasty heads up and chances are you are not actually hungry but thirsty instead. To make you enjoy this is a little more I suggest going to buy a funky 1 litre drink bottle that you will want to take everywhere with you.
  2. Plan – It sounds obvious but until I started properly planning my meals I would easily stray and pick from the cupboard or cook a convenient dinner. Don’t make it complicated, I now just plan ours and the children’s dinners as generally the day is taken care of and in the evening your less likely to want to start thinking about it.
  3. Shop Online – If you can, food shopping online is a brilliant way of avoiding those tempting treats. It is a great way of saving money too if you have planned ahead as you just buy for what you are actually going to cook. Plus, always the added bonus of not having to entertain the little ones whilst pushing a trolley, however if you like to involve the children you can ask them to help plan the menu for the week.
  4. Organise Cupboards – May sound a bit odd but works a treat. I store the children’s treats and lunch box items into tubs so that they are not easily visible when open the doors. Out of sight, out of mind!
  5. Work Out Schedule – As mums, it isn’t easy to find time to fit in a quick work out. It is even less likely to happen if you don’t plan in advance when you are going to do it. I have 3 set days a week that I know are my work out days and hubby comes home early for 2 of them as he knows how important it is for me to have consistency.
  6. Looking Good – It doesn’t need to be expensive however if you feel comfortable and stylish in your work out gear, you will feel more confident in the gym. I felt really uneasy when I started the gym, not knowing how to use machines or adjust the weights but once I had my new kit on I felt I at least I looked the part and it was like putting on a magic suit……soon you will be owning it and wearing the loudest, brightest leggings you can buy!
  7. Gym Buddies – Not everyone will share your enthusiasm for this new lifestyle you have embarked on however if you have a friend who is keen to join you, pair up and be gym buddies. Having someone to be accountable to really helps keep you in check and stop you from making excuses about not attending that HIIT class as well as being that person you text when you’re about to delve into your children’s treat stash! However…..when you are in the gym, on a power walk or in the back line at Zumba……you are there to work hard and sweat harder, so support each other and push each other on whilst having fun and the occasional giggle.
  8. Plan your Session – Planning your work out session is essential to ensure you don’t get bored, complacent or injured. If you go to the gym and do the same circuit over and over, you will inevitably become uninterested and lose motivation. So for example, I will plan session 1 to be Legs and Abs, session 2 Arms, Shoulders and Back and session 3 core workout and cardio. It will also help prevent injury from over using certain areas.
  9. Log Your Work Out – Keeping a log of your sessions is an excellent way to enhance accuracy, productivity and motivation. By keeping a log you are able to progress each week and increase weights, times, reps etc.
  10. Have fun – Whatever food plan you decide or exercise route you choose, make sure it is something you enjoy. You will then be able to maintain the lifestyle without feeling like you are depriving yourself of anything. Have naughty treats if you feel you can jump back on it the next day, if you can’t avoid them until you can. Enjoy the journey you are going on as it won’t just be physical benefits that you notice, you will sleep better, feel healthier, have more energy and feel happier…..makes the chocolate deprivation and sweat worthwhile if you ask me.

So there you go….I hope these tips are helpful to you and that they spur you on for your own fitness regimes. If you have any of your own ideas that you think could help other mums, please comment below as I firmly believe us mums should stick together.

Have an excellent Sunday 😊


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